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Assessment Details

Annotated Bibliography (approx 10-12 references) (Formative)

Critically demonstrate, through a review of relevant literature, the contested nature of the health and healing concepts underpinning a contemporary public health issue of your choice.

The purpose of this non-assessed piece of work is to get you to access relevant literature and then to succinctly summarise the content. This is good practice to underpin your writing both in this module and throughout the programme. You are then ask to provide a short narrative (approx 250 words) of how the found material demonstrates the contested nature of concepts of health as applied to a contemporary public health issue. After you submit the completed set of references, I will give you informal feedback.



Assessed Essay 3000 words

Choose one essay from those below or following on from the contemporary public health issue you focused on in your annotated bibliography or you may negotiate a title individually with the module leader.


1. Critically analyse and evaluate the relevance of traditional healing systems to contemporary global health systems


2. Critically discuss the assertion that contemporary public health needs to be informed and transformed by integrating social theory into its theoretical foundations.


3. ‘The active involvement of communities in the struggle for health (access to health care and action on the determinants of health) was an important part of the vision of Alma-Ata but has been ignored in the various versions of selective PHC[primary health care] (People’s Health Movement, 2009)’. Critically discuss the renaissance of comprehensive primary care globally and its implications for both public health and health activism in the context of Alma Ata using examples to illustrate your arguments


4. The concept of sustainable development brings together both local and global issues in health. Critically discuss this assertion focusing on one health promotion issue of your choice.


5. Critically discuss the value of using a gender sensitive approach in health action/promotion. Illustrate with examples of practice.

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