– Read each statement carefully. 2 pages  double-spaced (written work maximum), 1” margins and 12 point font
– Provide a persuasive argument that is on point and in your own words, supporting your position
with specific examples, cases and similar. MAKE AN ARGUMENT.
– DO NOT include an introduction, definitions, history, general thoughts, general observations or
general conclusions. GET TO THE POINT.

–  graduate-level work is expected.  Research and write in your own words with appropriate citations/references.  Plagiarized work will result in  a 0/25

Pick one out of the 5

Statement 1: Free international trade contributes to the global fight on poverty. Discuss.
Statement 2: The Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) has only had limited
effect on the day-to-day practice of international businesses. Discuss.
Statement 3: The international legal framework for protecting IP does not adequately reflect the value
that IP has for international businesses. Discuss.
Statement 4: Foreign direct investment is a form of investment which benefits all stakeholders. Discuss.
Statement 5: Arbitration will be the prevalent form of dispute resolution for international businesses in
the 21st century. Discuss.