child development

You teach 4th grade at a small, private school. One of your students, 10-year-old Alexis, is exhibiting behaviors that concern you. Alexis bursts into tears often and when asked, says she doesn’t know why she is crying. She is also biting her nails and constantly bounces her leg while sitting at her desk. She seems unable to concentrate on moderately difficult tasks and daydreams quite a lot. When you discuss your concerns with a fellow teacher, he tells you to dismiss your worries because moodiness is a natural phase of pre-adolescence. You discreetly speak to Alexis, and she reports that she is not sleeping or eating well. When you mention the possibility of calling her parents to inform them of the problem, Alexis says her family does not discuss feelings. You believe Alexis is likely both anxious and depressed. You decide to call her parents to discuss the situation and to advise them that you would like to refer her to a counselor.

Focus Assignment: 

Create an outline in preparation for your teleconference with Alexis’ parents. In a minimum of 1 paragraph for each Include talking points on: 

  • (a) the specific anxiety and depression symptoms Alexis has shown; 
  • (b) why it is important for students to be able to regulate their emotions; and
  • (c) why it is important that parents respond to and talk about children’s emotions.

Self-Reflection 50 points

1. For each item of your outline, explain how this item addresses the issues in the scenario