Lights Camera Discover

Entrepreneur Program

Executive Summary


Lights Camera Discover (LCD) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides underserved youth throughout Phoenix opportunities to develop confidence, build self-esteem, and learn teamwork by participating in a series of workshops that teach various aspects of performing and digital arts (digital filmmaking, photography, acting, screenwriting, website design, animation).


Lights Camera Discover also provides students the opportunities to recognize entrepreneurship opportunities in the digital skills (graphic design, web design, filmmaking, photography and social media marketing).


Lights Camera Discover is a program in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. According to the latest FBI arrest statistics, nationwide, law enforcement made an estimated 11,205,833 arrests in 2014. Of these arrests, 498,666 were for violent crimes, and 1,553,980 were for property crimes. The goal of Lights Camera Discover is to help these students discover their own value and the importance of teamwork to create positive change in their lives.


Lights Camera Discover focuses primarily on middle school and high school youth. This age group is particularly problematic, but it is a perfect time for mentoring to be effective.



We develop, in our student’s, a sense of pride, self-worth, strength and appreciation of community commitment through performance and digital arts. Lights Camera Discover will be one of the catalysts to infuse a cooperative spirit that will bring forth the creativity of oneself.


The mission of Lights Camera Discover is the pursuit of the following principles:


  • Commitment: Lights Camera Discover wants to inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and instill a sense of hope in the future.
  • Responsibility: The focus of Lights Camera Discover is to empower youth in establishing goals and following through on commitments.
  • Possibility: Lights Camera Discover wants to expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities.
  • Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Lights Camera Discover wants to surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.

Organization Summary

Founded in 2011, Lights Camera Discover (LCD) is a nonprofit organization that works with our youth providing them opportunities to grow confidence, build self-esteem, and learn teamwork by participating in a series of workshops that teach various aspects of performing and digital arts.


Lights Camera Discover offers youth an opportunity to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude toward their future. The long-term goal of Lights Camera Discover is to empower young people to break the habits that are leading to trouble in school and in the streets.


As Lights Camera Discover grows, more programs will be offered throughout the year.


Program Description


Lights Camera Discover’s Entrepreneur Program focuses on the education and empowerment of youth in technology and entrepreneurship. Offered to youth ages 17-21, the goal of the program is to identify and solve the obstacles keeping youth from achieving their entrepreneurial goals. As a result, the program is customized to each participant and their goals.


Our program is designed to help students develop the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to become more successful and help them turn their dreams into reality. The program will cover the basic business skills such as accounting, managing and marketing, while focusing on those skills needed to build and grow a small business. As well as program specific training classes in photography, videography, graphic design, website design and social media marketing.


The benefits of an entrepreneur program are too many to count. Finding a great mentor-mentee relationship can help youth build their professional network, increase their self-confidence, enhance their skills and knowledge, meet fascinating business influencers, build meaningful connections to last throughout their career, write a more effective resume, and better define their career goals and options. Just to name a few.


Lights Camera Discover’s Entrepreneur Program is designed to be action-oriented, so it’s important to enter with a clear goal in mind. Both mentors and mentees are expected to:


  • Have a clear business goal
  • Be driven and have lots of passion
  • Attend a 6 week learning program
  • 6 week internship and job shadowing program
  • Be able to tour businesses when scheduled
  • Prepare a list of action items to discuss, all with the intention of solving the problem and staying focused on the task at hand
  • Read the Entrepreneur Program instruction manual after selection and enrollment
  • Complete the survey after each meeting
  • Sign an equipment rental usage agreement


We want our entrepreneur program to be empowering and inspirational. We desire to surround our students with amazing mentors who have gone through the same journey. We want them to build a network that will last them for many years.


Lights Camera Discover’s team of dedicated staff and industry-specific mentors are passionate about helping youth succeed in competitive tech markets. Our staff and board have over 25 years in the tech field.  Of our staff and board 5 of them have successful business startups in tech and entertainment.



  • Create a businesses name
  • Design business logo
  • Develop skills to facilitate problem solving in a team
  • Design, implement and evaluate formal projects
  • Create a customer service philosophy plan
  • Demonstrate basic accounting and computer skills
  • Create promotional marketing tools
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Develop professional presentation techniques
  • Develop a business and marketing plan for a small business
  • Demonstrate the skills to plan and operate a small business

Program Scheduling


  • Week One
    • Business Development
      • Produce A Business Concept
      • Create A Business Plan
      • Business Classes
    • Week Two
      • Graphic Design
        • Learn The Basics Of Graphic Design
        • Create Company Logo
      • Week Three
        • Website Design
          • Learn The Basics Of Website Building
          • Create Company’s Website
        • Week Four
          • Photography
            • Learn The Basics Of Photography
          • Week Five
            • Videography
              • Learn The Basics Of Videography
            • Week Six
              • Marketing
                • Social Media Marketing
                • Flyer Brochure And Business Card Design
              • Week Seven –Twelve
                • Projects
                • Internship