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Make a Windows application using .net framework

Need the solution for HW 4 by 10 am Chicago time. 

Only accept if you can guarantee a 100% working code, rating will be given accordingly. 

Have attached hw 3 question document for reference. Please use the hw solution file as the data source for hw4.

Please note: Coding needs to be done in Visual basic using .net framework. Fully working code files are required to be submitted along with a separate screenshots file showing all outputs as mentioned in the hw 4 doc. 


Develop a Windows application for the project developed in Homework #3. You should use the Access solution file given ‘HW3_Project_Solution.accdb’ to complete this homework. Do not use your own developed Access file. For this part of the project, you will need to incorporate all the ACCESS tables and queries into a Windows application. Students should submit the following,

The design view, the code view, and the execution view of each Windows form in the Windows application for your project. If a Windows form displays the query, give the SQL statement view or the Query Builder view of the query 

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