Math Disc 1

In nursing, algebraic expressions and equations are the formulas that you will use to do dosage calculations. For example, the following formula is useful in calculating the amount of mixtures and solutions to be given to a patient:


The desired dosage is the ordered dosage of the physician. The stock strength is the amount of drug present in the preparation while the stock volume is the amount of the solution where the drug is diluted.

This discussion has two parts:

(1) Choose one of the two following exercises to demonstrate and explain with words how to use the formula above to do the dosage calculation:

(a) A doctor orders 375 mg of cefuroxime for the patient. The drug is available in 750 mg vial. You plan to dilute it in 10 mL of sterile water. How much should you give to your patient?

(b) A pediatric patient recovering from accidental fall is about to be given with 130 mg paracetamol syrup. The drug is available in 250 mg per 5 mL preparation. How much should you give to your patient?

(2) Find a dosage calculation formula and create an exercise with this formula for your classmates to try.