This discussion focuses on the competency “Design curriculum using content knowledge to create an inclusive environment for young children ages birth – 8 years” and the transferable skills of communication and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Keep in mind the issues and topics discussed. Consider what you believe about them and what you want to learn more about still as you complete each discussion. You are encouraged to revisit the discussions to reflect on your growth and learning through the coursework to complete your Philosophy of Teaching Statement.

For this discussion, you will be examining why inclusion is important when it comes to educating children. There has been discussion over what “inclusion” truly means, as well as what it does not mean. You will have the opportunity to determine how you will create an inclusive environment and support your peers in designing for inclusivity.


In your initial post:

  • Explain how you would create an inclusive environment by responding to the following questions:
  • What would you include in the learning space? Or not include?
  • What images would be in the space, and what messages would they convey?
  • What would you have to take into consideration when thinking of how to set up this space?