Project Plan Part 1 Assignment Preparation Please answer the following questions about your child/program. Please be as specific as possible when answering the following questions.


  • Choose a child from Inclusion Works!  or real life and answer the following questions:
    • Background– Where do they live? Interests? Feelings about school? What issue do they have? Disability?
    • Services– What services is the child receiving?
    • Strategy– What strategies are being used to address the child’s disability?
    • Supporting Factors– What can be considered as a supporting factor for the child? Is there a child with similar interests? Do the specialists meet regularly with the parents or teachers?
  • Choose an environment from real life, or one from the provided videos and answer the following questions:
    • What works well in your program? Please describe in detail the strengths of your program/classroom in its response to supporting children with disabilities.
    • What parts of the day are challenging for you and/or for the children in regards to their disability?
    • From your perspective, why do you think these parts of the day are challenging? If you could strengthen one way or practice in your classroom/program that could improve your support of the child with a disability, what would that be? Why?
    • Whose support do you need to make this change happen?

You may submit your assignment as a Word document, a text document, a PDF, OR as a link to a Google Document (make sure that the document has been shared “anyone who has the link” so that I can read it.)



Your typed assignment should look like this.????????