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Get the most recent version of R. It is free and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once R is installed, download and install R Studio which is an integrated development environment for R.

Run R studio. In the Script window type the following code which will create a variable called my_packages containing an array created by the c() function (you will see the results in the Console window below the Script window):

my_packages <- c("tidyverse", "broom", "coefplot", "cowplot",
 "gapminder", "GGally", "ggrepel", "ggridges", "gridExtra",
 "here", "interplot", "margins", "maps", "mapproj",
 "mapdata", "MASS", "quantreg", "rlang", "scales",
 "survey", "srvyr", "viridis", "viridisLite", "devtools")

With the cursor anywhere in this code select 'Run' or control & enter to execute the code. 

Then type and 'run' the following: 

install.packages(my_packages, repos = "")

The install.packages() function will go to the R Studio repository called 'cran' and download these libraries. 
If you encounter an error when executing this command, you may have to install the packages one at a time. 

Finally, install the author's library with the following command:


This command uses the install_github() function from the devtools library which you downloaded previuosly, to download the socviz library. 
Use the GetHelp discussion board to get help, if you need it, or simply report that you were successful. 

On the right hand lower pane of RStudio, you will see a 'packages' tab. 
Scroll down till you see any of the packages you just installed and take a screen shot for your submission. 

By Sunday at midgnight submit a Word document with screen shots showing your successful installations. 

Please note that all code assignments must be submitted as a screenshot with a slice of your desktop showing the timestamp.

If the time and date are not visible, you will be graded 0.

Put the screenshots in a word document, make sure to comment the code (explain what it does)  and interpret the graph if applicable(explain what its depicting)

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