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Seminar in Personal Finance – Midterm


  1. The purpose of the midterm is to step back from the specific personal finance products and services and consider the question of how to develop a winning personal financial plan. The midterm requires you to write approximately four pages(double-spaced) and answer the following questions:
    1. Assuming the average American consumer does not actively develop a personal financial plan, who is most likely to influence personal financial decision. Provide three examples of so called “financial advisors” one would meet along as consumers become adults and consume financial products. From mortgages, to the credit card offers in student unions, to the cashier offering an extended warranty – use these and other examples and explain if these individuals are likely to have your best interest in mind at the point of purchase.
    2. Explore the resources American consumers have to develop a financial plan and educate themselves regarding the purchase of financial products. Using examples of both small and large financial product decisions, provide a description of what an informed consumer would look like. What resources would they consult prior to purchase and how do those resource help that consumer make informed and wise choices consistent with their financial goals?
    3. Consider why some people are not deliberate in making a personal financial plan. What forces work against making informed financial decisions?
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