There are many resources available online that describe what a family should discuss and rehearse prior to a disaster in their area. However, there is little consistency in the written content of these plans.

Do your own investigating and develop a comprehensive Family Emergency Plan that you could share as a resource with others. Make sure you include information about sheltering in place, out-of-area sheltering and contacts, evacuation routes in the home and in the neighborhood, resources for household members with disabilities and accommodations for their needs, and pets. Include a communication plan—how will members communicate with each other and with other family/friends in the neighborhood and in other parts of the area. Make sure you have members establish contact with someone outside the impact area as the primary contact with whom everyone checks in after the event.

Health Care Planning

Health Care Planning

You are to submit the organization in which you have chosen to conduct your strategic plan. You will need to write a one-pager to include the following:

  • Company’s Name, Location, Type of Business  
  • Background Information on the organization (Minimum 2 paragraphs) 
  • Services the organization provides (What type of services does the organization provide, what are they known mostly for, have they had any awards given for the particular services, what is their specialty) 
  • Location/locations in which the organization operates (What is the main location of the organization-does the organization have any remote sites if so, where are they)
  • A graphic depicting the organization’s locations. (This is a graphic that entails all the sites of the organization. Be creative.  

[24/7 Support] 518*740*9330 QuickBooks Customer Service Number

[24/7 Support] 518*740*9330 QuickBooks Customer Service Number

QuickBooks customer service number 1(518) 740.9330

QuickBooks helpline number 1(518) 740.9330  think the way we see things today. By introducing many of these changes especially in Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, Payroll, POS. QuickBooks customer service 1(518) 740.9330 stands out among the most demanding when it comes to financial management and maintenance. This product has provided almost all QuickBooks users with enough integration to succeed. QuickBooks Payroll is one of the programs that supports the concept of cash flow and its better management.

With QuickBooks Customer service 1(518) 740.9330 you have the benefit of:

  1. Very problem unreservedly following your costs.
  2. Save time with each transaction entry by comparing an application and a list.
  3. Likewise, writing a W-2 has become a very simple task. Because you don’t have to worry about locking it down for everyone or for yourself. 

Quickbooks Customer Information Helpline Number 1(518) 740.9330

Our support team is very helpful in resolving issues that arise with QuickBooks customers or their differences. When there is a problem, everyone knows there is no excuse. The Quickbooks customer service team never stops pushing to meet your needs. This group has everything you need to understand the problems that arise in a bad situation.

The Importance of QuickBooks Payroll Support Infinite Payroll: 

With the help of QuickBooks Payroll Assistant, clients can generate unlimited paychecks in less than a minute.


It is important for companies to know the true value. QuickBooks Payroll Support can help you do this. Calculate the maximum fee according to government policy. Businesses gain addict The best thing is that you can get cash directly from stores. It is very easy to identify the employee’s check. 

  1. It also facilitated tasks such as paying regular employees and collecting debts.

Quickbooks Customer Support Number 1(518) 740.9330

The Quickbooks Customer Support 1(518) 740.9330 team encourages you to address any issues with this product. There are many errors that you may encounter with errors. From misconfigurations to reset issues to fix errors, for many customers is not easy. Any issues with QuickBooks Payable are easily resolved by the knowledgeable team.

QuickBooks Payroll comes with two unique versions: QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. It is divided into three subtypes. All these variants have their own characteristics. Let’s think briefly about each of us. 

All these services have different effects depending on their use. There are two types of applications for entry and advance on salaries. Especially every year and every month. For example, the last fund is the most expensive and comes with an annual bill. Depending on your decision, you can choose one of these different options that suits you best.

ional benefits by protecting them from cost wealth by maintaining timely policies.

Standalone Operation: 

QuickBooks Payroll Assistant works independently. This means no QuickBooks programming is required.

Practical advice :

Customers can get free help from QuickBooks experts. They provide answers to customer issues, bugs, errors, and questions. They will guide you to a healthy path. If a customer doesn’t understand something about the QuickBooks customer support number 1(888) 690.0663 at this time, they can speak to an accountant.

Different Benefits:

QuickBooks Customer Services Phone Number 1(888) 690.0663 is a store of different advantages. Different advantages are procuring tips and instruments, specialist’s remuneration, and notice consistency administration.

QuickBooks supports a phone number 1(518) 740.9330 for online customer support

Our team of QuickBooks experts is dedicated to solving these unsolvable workflow problems with the utmost sincerity. They treat customers well and are calm. Identifying all customer issues and resolving issues experienced by QuickBooks customers is a key goal for our support team.

Calling the QuickBooks support number 1(518) 740.9330 is also helpful during the first few days, as no effort is made to explain specific issues with the QuickBooks client software. We put customer service first, which is why the customer service team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. 24/7 support via the Intuit Support Hotline. Call our toll-free QuickBook helpline number 1(888) 690.0663 anytime for professional, world-class help with your QuickBooks.

Canon printer customer support number +1(707) 606 5191

Canon printer customer support number +1(707) 606 5191

Canon printer customer support number (707) 606 5191 

Canon is a well-known printing technology company. In the industry since 1934, the Japanese multinational giant has specialized in the production of paintings and visual objects, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, printers, printers, computers, and medical devices.

The company offers a wide range of printers for home and office. The Canon printer has a sophisticated and sophisticated design that offers unmatched image quality at a low cost. Designed with the latest technology, they are powerful, vibrant, and fit into any home or office.

common printer problems and their solutions 

there are many printers available on the market that is on the market as an external technology. Canon printers are known for their innocent printing feature. Usually, the user also has technical problems with Canon printers. In such circumstances, the user can press the canon printer support number (707) 606 5191 and get help with all problems that can arise in their printers. On this page, you can learn about different problems in the Canon printer and its solution. 

Issues Related to Canon Printer

1.  Canon Printer Ink Problems

  • First, check the ink level in the printer box and then see if you need to replace the ink.
  • Now open the printer cover and wait a few seconds for the printer to turn off.
  • Then remove the printer box from the printer.
  • Slide the small clip that holds the top edge of the print box in place, and slide the protective seal into the new print cartridge.
  • Now scroll down the printer window to the printer to complete the process.

If you can not solve the problem with Canon Printer Ink using the steps above, call Canon Printer Support and get a results-oriented solution from a certified expert.

2.  Canon Printer Connectivity Issues

  • First, make sure your printer is connected to a power source.
  • Make sure the printer cable is connected to the correct port on your computer.
  • Turn on the printer, and then update any software that requires a Canon printer to run on your computer.

If you are unable to resolve the problem of connecting your Canon printer using the steps above, contact Canon Printer Support (707) 606 5191 for best support only from a qualified professional.

3.  Canon Printer not Working

  • First, remove the printer from the computer. To do this, click on the Start menu and then select Devices and Printers.
  • Select your Canon printer from the list of installed printers.
  • Select Delete device to delete the printer.
  • Now open your browser and go to the official Canon Printer website.
  • Select Printer and Windows Model.
  • Download the printer driver.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the Canon printer.

Does your Canon printer not work after it runs out? Then contact Canon Printer Technical Support for technical assistance.

4.  Canon Printer Feeder Problems

  • First, you need to remove the paper supply to the printer and make sure all the pieces of paper are intact and flat.
  • Check the paper size you use. 
  • Then open the front cover of the printer. And make sure the paper is not stuck to the food rolls. 
  • Clean the food roller with compressed air to remove dust. 
  • Now carefully complete the paper filling process.

Get efficient customer service for Canon printers on a range of issues:

After following the above instructions, you can easily solve your other Canon printer problems. If you don’t understand the above instructions, you don’t live. There are many ways to solve the problems, and Canon Printer customer Service number (707) 606 5191 is one of them. You can get the best help with a specified professional team. They will listen to all your questions carefully and then give all possible decisions about your printer. You can call voice chat on the Internet and via email. All services customer support customers have 24/7 hour in canon printer customer support number.(707) 606 5191

HP printer customer support number +1(707) 606 5191

HP printer customer support number +1(707) 606 5191

HP printer customer service number (707) 606 5191

HP printer customer support number (707) 606 5191 Chances are, the owner of an HP printer is not satisfied with how often it prints, as the error can occur automatically. Must enjoy HP printer support for great results. There is no doubt that prints made on HP printers of various models give the best results. HP printers can be divided into different categories such as HP inkjet printers and laser printers.

Hewlett Packard is one of the most popular organizations for supplying and supplying high quality hardware accessories at customer prices. The HP printer is a brilliant invention that allows users to print out program data. There are many models and models of HP printers on the market.

Call (707) 606 5191 the HP support number to resolve the issue.

However, not all HP printers you buy are 24/7 and you need expert help with your HP support phone number issues. It should not be too late for the parties to proceed with indirect speech. Otherwise, you have to live with poor HP printer functionality. The best HP printer support phone number to contact our customer support team for assistance is (707) 606 5191. Call (707) 606 5191 to find the right solution for your HP product.

Answer HP printer queries using the HP support number (707) 606 5191

With this printer on, color and black and white printing is a breeze. If you can’t find the same results, you don’t need to send their experts a complicated HP printer support phone number offer. The best way to talk, chat, or contact a real person at HP Support is by calling 1-707-606-5191 about HP products. Call 1-707-606-5191 to speak with an expert about your HP PC, printer, scanner and tablet.

Knowing his knowledge and skills, there is a 100% chance of finding the right solution to eliminate all errors. A well-functioning HP printer will not differ from the specifications described in its manuals. In today’s business era, HP printers are becoming increasingly important. HP printers have respectable ratings in the commercial and academic sectors.

Avoid shortcuts to HP printer support numbers (707) 606 5191

Whether you use HP printers to print text and graphics/photos or for other business purposes, they generally provide better scanning and printing results. It’s such a popular brand that HP customers are excited. If this result is automatically reflected, report the problem to the HP printer support phone number. (707) 606 5191 This is a great choice to isolate HP printer errors and provide traditional solutions to overcome difficulties as quickly as possible.

Whether it is an inkjet printer or a laser printer, printing can be done easily using both wired and wireless printer features. Although a long time has passed since their launch, HP printers are gaining in importance in the context of affordable prices and stylish designs. This printer has hit the market with great features that are hard to find in other printers.

According to the manual description review, the HP printer is equipped with important features and special functions. With HP Printer Error Quick Activation, it is possible that the process artwork is incomplete. This rate is not prioritized in the user’s progression path. The level of difficulty for all HP printers is not the same. Some are easy to manage with simple observation and practice, while other types of HP printer hiccups are out of control. However, you should go through some errors that HP printers encounter within it. They are described as follows:

  • There may be ink problems on different printer models.
  • HP printer spooler problems encountered.
  • HP printer does not print or HP printer fails to print in black. 
  • Get failed print results by region results. There is a problem with the HP printer ink cartridge. You cannot update the driver. 
  • HP Support Assistant does not work. 
  • HP printer print speed is very slow. 
  • HP printers do not work well with Windows and MAC. 
  • There may be interference with setup and configuration. 
  • The HP wireless printer cannot be configured. Problem installing the printer. Problem in communication.
  • Install drivers and more.
  • Troubleshoot HP printers offline.

A phone number 1-707-606-5191 is required to support an HP printer

Several technical bugs found in HP printers caused the printers to shut down and switch to other devices. This is not a good practice and phone numbers should be used for HP printer support. So your HP printer is no longer a hindrance to you or the rest of your business. By paying close attention to the operation of the HP printer, some unexpected results of the HP printer cannot be highlighted. Call the HP support number (707) 606 5191 to fix any major negative impact as soon as possible. Our team can solve an unsolved puzzle.

Is there a HP printer support phone number 1-707-606-5191 available? 

HP printer customer support toll-free is available at 1-707-606-5191. In addition to this HP support, it provides multiple connection paths. To contact technical support directly, you can call HP at 1-707-606-5191. After contacting them, you can tell them about the problem. They will give you the perfect solution to your problem. HP printer customer support is available 24/7, there is no best time to contact you and you can always contact an HP technician to help you solve your problem.

  1. HP printer support toll-free phone number- 1 (707) 606-5191
  2. You can call them 24*7
  3. HP printer customer support also works on holidays and weekends
  4. No fake calls, skilled Hp printer support representatives will take you to call
  5. HP printer customer support has more than one way to connect with them
  6. You call their technical support department to figure out tech-related issues
  7. You can live chat with them
  8. You can email them on the Hp printer support official email id

How do I contact HP printer support in my country/region?

Here are the HP printer support numbers countries-wise:

  1. Users from the USA can call on 1 (707) 606 5191
  2. Users from the UK can call on 1 (707) 606 5191
  3. Users of Canada can call on 1 (707) 606 5191

8085 MD2 Discussion 1

8085 MD2 Discussion 1

To prepare:

• Review and complete at least two leadership inventories from the Learning Resources or that your place of employment recommends or uses. (My place of employment is Washington County Opportunities Inc. Head Start)
• Carefully consider and reflect on your personal values and ethics. What personal factors are most important to you in decision making? How do these factors serve as a compass as you navigate challenging situations, relationships with others, and decision making?
Consider the characteristics, approaches, styles, traits, and/or attitudes you most hope to exemplify as a leader in the field of early childhood education. As you reflect on these, draw on your personal goals, as well as those advanced in theory and research on effective leadership.

Clinical Field Experience B: Administering, Analyzing, and Applying Assessment Results

Clinical Field Experience B: Administering, Analyzing, and Applying Assessment Results

Allocate at least 2 hours in the field to support this field experience,

Part 1: Assessment and Interventions

Select at least one student to whom you will administer the informal RTI assessment created in Clinical Field Experience A. Score the assessment and share the results with the student to increase understanding of his or her strengths and areas for improvement.

Collaborate with the certified special education teacher and the student to develop 2-3 interventions based on the student assessment data to support the student’s progress in the classroom. In addition, detail one intervention that can be incorporated at home with family support.

Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.

Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon the following:

  • Describe each intervention, including teacher, student, and family roles, where applicable.
  • Your experiences administering the assessment, analyzing the results, and providing the student feedback on his or her performance.
  • Explain how you expect the interventions you developed to meet the needs of the student, incorporating his or her assessment results in your response.
  • Explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.




Students will provide a one-page summary of each case activity within the assigned chapter for the week’s readings in the Lewis, Packard, and Lewis (2012) text. The students will include a summary of the challenges faced by the individuals in each particular case as well as an analysis of the strengths and limitations of the approach and state whether they believe the situation was resolved effectively. In addition, students will discuss if they would have proceeded differently. Each case summary is worth 5 points. Be sure to follow APA Publication Manual (7th edition) guidelines when writing your case summary. You will need a title page and references page. 

(Grandview Community Center, 1.1 on page 19-20 and Case Activity 2.1 on page 41-42)








I have provided the reading articles for this week if you would like to use those

S&R 2

S&R 2

 As an HR professional, it is important to understand the overall makeup of an organization, especially company staff. Diversity is an ongoing concern for some organizations. There are employment laws that affect diversification in the workplace. Research the Waldorf Online Library or another external source for an article that addresses one of the following topics: workplace diversity or common diversity issues in the workplace; the effect diversity has on attracting and retaining talent; laws that impact diversification; or how to increase diversification in the workforce. The article must have been published within the last three years. Your article critique should include the following: 


Key points: 

Identify three significant/key points from the article. Summary: 

Write a section summarizing the article. Do not simply use information from the article. The summary must be in your own words. You must display your thoughts, opinion and analysis. Analysis: Identify how the article aligns with and relates to concepts learned in this unit. What relevant staffing laws were discussed in the article? What enforcement agencies were involved? Personal evaluation: Highlight the relevance of this article to your position or occupation, your agreement or disagreement with the author and findings, and any additional insights you may have. 

 Your article critique should be at least two pages in content length. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page and follow all other APA 7th Edition formatting requirements. The title page and reference page do not count toward the total page requirement. You must use at least your chosen article as a reference, but you may use other resources as needed. Be sure to cite any information from a resource in APA format.