‘Three Key Words’

 This assignment will ask you folk to sum-up- contextualize the big themes of the course in “Three Key Words.” (NOTE- I am looking for terms like- Imperialism, Capitalism, Decolonization, Revolution, Identity, Genocide, Total War, etc.)   

You will elaborate upon each of your words in 2-3 pages (So that is 6-9 pages total), where you should detail why you chose this term. This assignment should draw from our semester’s course work and reflect the knowledge-insights you have gained. It is worth 60% of your overall grade. 

Due Date:

No later than 11:59 PM Friday, April 29th 


  • You are NOT to use any outside resources for this assignment! Your responses should only draw from the assigned readings-lectures. The purpose of this assignment is to gauge what you have learned from our coursework. 

 Course Modules: HIST 122 901 10A SP22 – World History: The Recent Past (instructure.com)